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The Federal Government Affinity Group was created by alumni working in or for the federal government for the purpose of connecting with, learning from, and advancing their careers through other federally employed Hopkins alumni, students and friends of the university. The group’s aim is to be a community that facilitates the sharing of connections, opportunities, best practices, ideas and resources relevant to working successfully within the federal government sector. The group offers professionally valuable activities and programs, affords its members the strength of the Hopkins Federal Government network, enhances connections to local leaders and experts and ultimately provides a venue for bringing about change in our workplaces, communities and the world. Group activities include regional networking events, lunch-and-learn seminars, one-to-one mentoring and group-wide meetings.

Upcoming Events

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Past Events

Tour of the US Capitol
Washington, DC
November 11th, 2017


Tyson's Corner Mall, McLean, VA

JHU Alumni in Government and Contracting Networking Event
Washington, DC
December 1, 201


Three Part Series on Digital Health:
Part #3:
The Impact of Wearable Devices on Healthcare
May 24, 2016


Part #2:
Digital Health Infrastructure:The challenges of Electronic Health Record Interoperability
March 22, 2016


Part #1:
Digital Health Communications: If You Build it, Will They Come?

December 8, 2015
View panel discussion - click here


Confronting National Security Challenges with Diverse Tools
June 10, 2015
Click here to view photos from event.
If you want to know more: DNI/NIC Global Trends


Experience from the Field: U.S. Government's Response to Ebola in West Africa
March 18, 2015


Evidence Based Government: How Big Data Drives 21st Century Policy
June 4, 2014

Click here to see photos of the event

The Carrot or the Stick? The Challenges, Questions and Unintended Consequences of Digital/M-Health
March 10, 2014
Click here to see photos of the event
Click here to see an interview with Sachin Shah (Carey Business School '10) at the event
Click here to see the full video of the event


Managing Global and Domestic Epidemics: A Look at Systems for Prevention, Detection and Response
June 27, 2013

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The Impact of Electronic health Records on Healthcare
November 8, 2012


Export Now: How Businesses Should Think About New Markets
October 2, 2012


Risky Business: The future of Risk Management in the Federal Environment
Watch the video here
June 11, 2012


The Cloud's Silver Lining
Watch the video here
March 21, 2012


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    Sachin Shah (Carey Business School, '2010) discusses the reasons to join Johns Hopkins University's Federal Government Affinity group at one of the group's events in Arlington (VA)



Affinity communities are groups made up of members of the Johns Hopkins community, predominantly alumni and students who come together around an industry vertical or subject/area of interest.