Career Resources

Career planning is an evolving process. Below are several resources to help you along, no matter what stage of the career process you’re in.

Resumes and Cover Letters and Interviews

Building Your Resume and Cover Letter

“I don’t like that man, I must get to know him better.” –Abraham Lincoln 

If only all employers were as optimistic as our 16th president! But in today’s competitive job market, first impressions are of utmost importance. You can strengthen your impression on future employers by having a standout resume and cover letter.

Looking for a little one-on-one help? Undergraduate alumni can make appointments with a Career Center counselor up to five years after graduation. If you are in the area or would like to participate in a phone appointment, call 410-516-8056.

JHU Career Offices

Many of Johns Hopkins' nine schools have career services available to alumni. For more information, contact your school's career services office:

Krieger School of Arts and Sciences/Whiting School of Engineering
Full time undergraduate and graduate students
Career Center

Advanced Academic Programs
Contact: Roni White
Phone: 202-452-1932

Bloomberg School of Public Health Office of Career Services
Phone: 410-955-3034

Carey Business School
Professional Career Services
Phone: 410-234-9270

Engineering for Professionals
(Whiting School part-time graduate programs)

Johns Hopkins Medicine Office of Professional Development
Phone: 410-502-2804,

Peabody Institute
Music Entrepreneurship and Career Center
Phone: 410-234-4650

School of Advanced International Studies
Office of Career Services
Phone: 202-663-5710

School of Education
Career Services
Phone: 410-516-6027

School of Nursing
Career Resource Center
Phone: 410-955-7548

Preparing for an Interview

Congratulations! You’ve landed the interview! Now what?

This interview guide, written for nursing students, is full of interview tips that apply to any job field.

The Ins and Outs of Interviews is a useful website for job searching, but it also has job-seeking resources, like the “100 Potential Interview Questions” list.


There’s more to networking than joining LinkedIn or listing “JHU Alumni” on your Facebook page. Networking is about creating connections – connections that can one day help you get a job or move ahead in a career. Whether you’re the ultimate schmoozer or shy as a mouse, the resources below can help you to make the most of your networking endeavors.

Why Network
Network Your Way to the Job or Internship You Want

Get Connected is a new web-based networking platform dedicated to helping Johns Hopkins alumni connect online with former classmates and like-minded graduates; mentor and coach current students and recent graduates; and expand career connections through insider contacts in top companies. replaces JHU Connect with a secure space that links alumni with the trusted Johns Hopkins University community.  Easy sign-on and sync up with Facebook and LinkedIn lets them quickly connect with the people they need to grow and refine their personal and professional networks.  Instagram and Twitter feeds keep alumni updated on Hopkins news, chapters, resources, programs, and more.  Activate a profile today at

LinkedIn: The Professional Social Network

How to Use LinkedIn to Network with Hopkins Alumni
Johns Hopkins University Alumni LinkedIn Group 

Career Center Resources for Alumni

The JHU Career Center now provides career counseling to alumni. Career counseling is a service that helps individuals go through the process of career exploration, making a career change, balancing personal and professional goals, as well as providing ongoing support through the job search application process. Career counseling appointments for alumni take place over the phone and are generally 30 minutes in length.

This service is specifically for alumni who graduated in the last five years out of full time programs in the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences and the Whiting School of Engineering. The new dedicated career counselor for this service is Chelsea Haring. Chelsea works remotely from the career center in order to provide appointments up until 8pm eastern time. To learn more about this service or to make an appointment, please visit the Career Center website

Work With What You Have

Take a moment to consider what contacts you already have. Did you get to know older, now-graduated, students in your major? What about the professor or TA you worked with who moved to a new city? Do you still have the contacts from your summer internships? Send a friendly email to reconnect with these individuals, briefly update them about your education or career progress, and start building your own network!



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