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By giving financially, you’re investing in benefits that you, your fellow alumni, the university and students will enjoy for generations to come. Please consider a gift to the Alumni Association using our online form or by calling us at 800-548-5481.

How Your Involvement Helps Alumni, the University and Students

By volunteering and giving to the Alumni Association, you support and link three vital parts of the Hopkins community.

Benefit to Alumni

  • Direct financial support for alumni activity within your university division
  • Development of professional engagement and networking opportunities
  • Funding for alumni organizations, events, discounts and free resources
  • Creation of connections among university alumni, faculty, students and friends of the university
  • Maintenance of – our exclusive networking site for alumni.
  • Communication of exciting university and alumni news via online and print publications
  • Celebration of alumni achievement through awards

Benefit to the University

  • Support of alumni programs for the university’s nine divisions
  • Recruitment of alumni to share time, talent and counsel
  • Identification and encouragement of potential students

Benefit to Students

  • Grants for student projects
  • Organization of professional networks, career-oriented events and student-to-alumni connections
  • Sponsorship of student leadership organizations
  • Introduction to the alumni network and its value

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