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Alumni Journeys 2018 catalog

   2018 Alumni Journeys Catalog 


Nordic Magnificence

August 26 - September 5, 2018
Discover the Scandinavian capitals of Copenhagen and Oslo. Glide through Copenhagen's canals for a different perspective of the city's landmarks. Witness the majestic beauty of Norway's countryside during a train ride to Flam and a cruise of the Songefjord, the King of Fjords.


Exploring Iceland

September 22 - October 2, 2018
It's a surprising, even astonishing land; one of massive glaciers and rumbling volcanoes, bubbling mud holes and powerful waterfalls; hugely abundant bird life and just 300,000 people; and where the sun never sets for six splendid weeks.


Journey to Cornwall: Bath, London, and the Cornish Coast

September 26 - October 7, 2018
Experience Bath’s magical ambience, creamy limestone architecture and ancient hot springs. Slip into the affluent world of England’s elite while roaming the gardens and manors of Longleat and Stourhead.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka - The Island of Serendipity

October 5 - 21, 2018
Though only a small island nation, Sri Lanka gives visitors a perfect trifecta of experiences with its diverse natural offerings, vivid culture, and layered history. We begin in Sri Lanka’s coastal capital city, Colombo, where Sri Lankan artistry is on full display and the scars of the country’s long civil war, now over, can be best understood.


Greece: Athens and Poros

October 11 - 19, 2018
Visit the Acropolis and witness magnificent views of Athens. Explore the charming, car-free island of Hydra. Learn a Greek folk dance at a festive farewell reception. Spend time in Nauplio, a historic Venetian seaport that was the Greek capital from 1823 to 1834. Experience three UNESCO World Heritage sites.

New Zealand

New Zealand: Land of the Long, White Cloud

October 13 - 27, 2018
Witness the emotional intensity of a traditional Maori haka war dance. Sail through the unspoiled wilderness of extraordinary Fiordland National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Breathe in crisp, cool air as you walk to see the Franz Josef Glacier.


Botswana - Desert Sunset, Delta Dawn

October 31 - November 10, 2018
Visit the Kalahari Desert and the otherworldly Makgadikgadi Salt Pans, where a glowing, white expanse of natural salt deposits create glittering mirages that seem to reach out into the horizon endlessly. Then, take in the spectacular view over the Okavango: a wetland wilderness of looping channels, islands forested with palms, and wide grassy floodplains.


Cruising Patagonia's Chilean Fjords

October 30 - November 10, 2018
From the legendary Tierra del Fuego to magnificent Glacier Alley, experience the extremes and contrasts of Patagonia on this unique, 12-day land and sea journey through the virtually untouched landscapes of southern Chile. Cruise for four nights aboard the expedition ship m.v. Ventus Australis, designed specifically for the Chilean fjords, the Beagle Channel and the Strait of Magellan.

Mont Saint Michel

European Coastal Civilizations

April 20 - 29, 2019
From the old-world sophistication of Portugal and the artistic riches of Spain's Basque country to the Celtic heritage of Brittany and the timeless elegance of London, a riveting canvas o influential seaports awaits you along Europe's Atlantic coastline.


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