Alumni Council Committees

The work of the Alumni Council is accomplished by standing committees and ad hoc committees appointed as necessary. The committees are composed of members of the Executive Committee and the Alumni Council at large. Committee work is accomplished through regular teleconferences throughout the year and at the annual Leadership Weekend meeting in October. The committee structure revolves around four priorities that align with the Alumni Association's Strategic Plan, which will guide the work of Alumni Relations offices across all nine schools, as well as the Alumni Council, through 2025.

The Alumni Experience

Bill Kirst, A&S '00, co-chair

The work of this committee will focus on providing significant personal and professional opportunities for Johns Hopkins alumni to engage and connect with the university.

Engaging Future Alumni

Stephanie Talton, A&S ’02, co-chair
Tim Hsieh, Engr ’83, ’85, ’89, co-chair

The work of the committee will focus on deepening current students' connections to the Johns Hopkins alumni community and charting clear pathways through which they will become engaged alumni.

Building Diverse Leadership

Joseph Yoon, A&S '00, co-chair
Lou Bartolo, Nurs’18, co-chair

The work of this committee will focus on identifying and developing future alumni leaders and establishing a diverse and inclusive volunteer pipeline that will cultivate and support philanthropy to the university.


Rhonda Richetta, Ed '06, co-chair
Mike Waters, Engr '06, co-chair

The work of this committee will focus on improving the systems and infrastructures needed to support collaboration across Development and Alumni Relations offices across all nine schools and with key campus partners to maximize impact, efficiency, and excellence.