Alumni Council Committees

The work of the Alumni Council is accomplished by serven standing committees and ad hoc committees appointed as necessary. The committees are composed of members of the Executive Committee and the Alumni Council at large. Committee work is accomplished through regular teleconferences throughout the year and at the annual Leadership Weekend meeting in October.

Alumni Communities

Sonia Sarkar, A&S '09, BSPH '13, chair
Works with the regional chapters and affinity and early engagement groups to develop a broad based network to support alumni engagement.  Members will provide support in developing programs and effective outreach to existing and new communities.

Awards and Nominations

Jonathan Bradley, Bus '09, chair
Determines the slate for Alumni Association awards for presentation to the Executive Committee and evaluates the process for determining award recipients.  Approves a slate of candidates for appointment to the Alumni Council, the Executive Committee and Alumni Council officers. Prepares a slate of nominees to be presented to the Board of Trustees for Alumni Trustee positions.

Communications and Outreach

Paul Matlin, Peab '70, '72, Bus '81, Engr '84, chair
Identifies and executes both internal and external communications plans for the Alumni Council and the Alumni Association.

Development & Finance   

Judie Mopsik, BSPH '99, chair
Strategizes with Central Alumni Relations staff about engaging development personnel in the divisions in cultivating potential donors to support the Alumni Association; examines potential improvements in the mission and benefits of the Cerulean Society to attract donors; develops and executes fundraising plans in support of the Alumni Association’s fundraising strategic goals; coordinates with the Marketing, Chapter and Affinity group efforts/committees to ensure that appropriate messaging is developed and deployed to grow the culture of giving among Alumni Association members.

Key 3

Anika Penn, SAIS '10, chair
Committee members are one student, one alumni and one staff representative from each of the nine Hopkins divisions. Its purpose is to increase communication between the representatives at each division and between each of the divisions, and to familiarize the committee members with the function of the Alumni Council.

Student Engagement

Michael Baltzell, Engr '71, co-chair, Eric Chiang, Engr '18, co-chair
The roles of this committee will be both consultative and programmatic. Provides advice and input to the Alumni Council and to specific committees as was requested in connection with potential, proposed, or ongoing Alumni Council efforts. With the approval of the Executive Committee, this committee will pursue and develop specific student engagement initiatives, to be implemented independently or in cooperation with other Alumni Council Committees. Student representatives from all nine divisions of the University serve on this committee.

Student Grants

Amy Nagler, A&S '89, chair
Provides funding to students participating in volunteer community service initiatives of their own design and evaluates the application and funding process. In addition, this committee is responsible for reviewing applications for funding for student groups planning on-campus activities, events, and programs. They also recommend funding amounts to the Executive Committee.