The Executive Committee 2020-2021

The Executive Committee of the Alumni Council is elected from members of the Alumni Council and consists of the officers, committee chairpersons, and divisional Representatives, and nine Student Representatives. The Executive Committee holds regular quarterly meetings, makes operational decisions, carries out the policies of the Council, and receives reports from the committees and the professional staff

Anika Penn
Anika Penn, SAIS '10
First Vice President
Mark Rosenblum
Mary Ann Dickson, A&S ‘97
First Vice President
Judie Mopsik
Sonia Sarkar, A&S ’09, BSPH ’13
Second Vice President
Seth McDonnell
Seth McDonnell, Bus ‘07
Judith Keen
Judith Keen, A&S ’98,
BSPH ’02, Med ’04 (PGF)

Allyson Handley
Allyson Handley, Ed ’75, ’78
Immediate Past President

Committee Chairs

Brian Fruchey
Brian K. Fruchey, Bus '08, '15
Awards & Nominations
Ralph Hruban
Ralph Hruban, Med ’85 (PhD)
Awards & Nominations
Sonia Sarkar
Sonia Sarkar, A&S ‘09, BSPH ‘13
Alumni Communities
Bill Kirst
William Kirst, A&S '00
Communications & Outreach
Mark Rosenblum
Mark Rosenblum, A&S '79
Development & Finance
AJ Kaisth
Ajay Kaisth, SAIS '89
Key 3
Judie Mopsik
Judie Mopsik, BSPH ’99
Key 3
Judith Keen
Judith C. Keen, 
A&S '98, BSPH '02, Med '04 (PGF)

Student and Alumni Engagement
Natalie Schock
Natalie Schock, Ed
Student Engagement
Reginald Bannerman
Reginald E. Bannerman, Nurs '97, '03
Student Grants
Michael Cornelison
Michael Cornelison, Engr '85
Student Grants
Michael Pryzby
Michael Pryzby, Engr '09
Student Grants

Divisional Representatives

Auburn Bell
Auburn Bell, Bus '90
John DeMaggio
John M. DeMaggio, Engr '94
Michael Pryzby
David Einolf, A&S '81
Donika Hristova
Donika Hristova, SAIS '09
Braphus Kaalund
Braphus Kaalund, Peab '02
Shelby Kemper
Shelby Kemper, BSPH '16
Susan Kulik
Susan V. Kulik, Nurs '87, '06
Tony Spann
Rufus (Tony) Spann, Ed '10
Shelby Wilkes
Shelby R. Wilkes, Med '75

Ex Officio Representatives

Phuong Tran
Phuong Tran, A&S '04
Pride Affinity
Lalita Hamilton
Lalita Hamilton, A&S '04

Student Representatives 

Mofan Lai
Peabody Institute

Nina Udeshi
Carey Business School

Natalie Schock
School of Education

Saniya Ramchandani
Krieger School of Arts and Sciences

Jeremy Applebaumn
School of Medicine

Kaitlin Wood
School of Medicine

Sarah DiNapoli
School of Medicine

Aurelia Glass
Whiting School of Engineering

Robyn Khung
School of Nursing

Shamaila Ashraf
The Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies