Advanced Technology and Global Security: Friend or Foe? - CANCELLED

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JHU Law Affinity: NY

We have seen the emergence of technology into every facet of our daily lives.  Social media and cell phones are indisputably ubiquitous. The result, in part, is the compilation of vast amounts of data on each individual.  Access to this data gives unprecedented insight into our privacy by government, industry and the criminal element.  How they choose to use this data is of concern to all.  

Internet searches allow industry to target you online, the news is full of horror stories of stolen identities from hacking by organized criminal and/or foreign elements, we routinely see the conflict between the law enforcement community and the service providers over access to electronic information that blurs the lines between gathering of evidence to solve crime and respect for individual privacy—one recent example is the struggle between the U.S. government and Apple over San Bernardino, California, attacker Syed Farook’s iPhone.

Technology is no longer a luxury, but rather a living essential.  The rapid growth of technology has created unexplored legal challenges, civil liabilities, social consequences, potential for incursion of our individual privacy and control of our actions.  Couple these issues with the legitimate requirements of law enforcement and the intelligence community and you have a variety of questions around law, policy and practice. Join our panel of experts in a dynamic discussion covering all of the issues outlined and more. Learn more about the intersection of technology and security and the challenges that arise from these new and uncharted waters.  


John DeMaggio '94

John Morris '03

Jack Berger '10


Dayrel Sewell '00