Elise Andrews, MA

Elise is a Program Manager with the Baltimore County Local Management Board (LMB) and the Baltimore County Department of Health (BCHD), both agencies of the Baltimore County Department of Health and Human Services. Elise provides oversight for Evidence-Based programming funded by the LMB as well as maintaining the Neighborhood Statistical Profile, which collects and maintains community level data on a variety of demographic, social and health data sets. She also works to cultivate collaborative partnerships with the goal of improving outcomes for Baltimore County’s children and families through the development of an interagency system of care.

In her role with the BCHD, Elise is spearheading big data initiatives and integration of performance management strategies within the department.

Elise has participated in numerous nationally recognized initiatives focused on developing partnerships and collaborations to address community needs through more efficient engagement strategies and service delivery: Annie E. Casey Foundation Leadership Academy, Forum for Youth Investment: Achieving Collective Impact, and the National Association of City and County Health Officials Mobilizing for Action through Planning and Partnership.

Elise holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from Roanoke College and a Master of Arts in Geography and Environmental Planning from Towson University.