Microsoft Office 365 Account Information for Johns Hopkins Alumni

You've graduated. Now what?

Learn what happens to your Microsoft Office 365 student account and access to online student resources tied to your JHED.


If you graduated recently but are currently enrolled as a student at Johns Hopkins or are employed by Johns Hopkins, you do not need to take further action. Your JHED will not expire.

The Johns Hopkins Alumni Association defines Johns Hopkins alumni as those individuals who have received a formal degree from Johns Hopkins, including Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorate degrees. 

Certificate holders, CTY alumni, post-baccalaureate attendees, and Peabody Prep alumni are not considered alumni of the university by the Johns Hopkins Alumni Association.

If you are a medical resident or a post-doctoral fellow from any Johns Hopkins school, you are considered Faculty/Staff, and your JHED will deactivate 24-48 hours after your training ends. You must save your emails before your last day with Johns Hopkins.

All graduating students who do not have another active affiliation with Johns Hopkins (for example, returning as a graduate/professional student or are currently employed by Johns Hopkins) will no longer have access to any products, resources, or applications that require single sign on (SSO) using their Johns Hopkins credentials (JHED ID) after their 180-day grace period. This includes signing into and accessing Microsoft Office 365 (i.e., access to your student email account, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, OneDrive and Teams access), online library access, SIS access to resources including unofficial transcripts, billing, and financial aid, Canvas, and iHopkins. 

Alumni Email Accounts
As an alumni benefit, all Johns Hopkins alumni have an alumni email account created for them with the address This is a full, working email account, and can be accessed using the instructions below. Alumni are automatically contacted by email after graduation once those accounts have been created with steps to activate that account. Alumni receive automatic monthly reminders to activate these accounts and to save relevant emails, contacts, documents, and other files before their JHEDs deactivate.

May 2024 grads will be contacted by the end of June. The email notification will be sent from Please check your junk/spam folder if you do not receive an email in your inbox. 

Upon deletion of your student email account, messages sent to your JHED email aliases (,, and will be delivered to your email account. 

OneDrive Access
Once your JHED deactivates, you will not have access to your OneDrive files. Although alumni are provided with an alumni email account, this will not grant access to those OneDrive files once JHEDs deactivate. Alumni must backup their OneDrive content to another storage location or to a personal Microsoft account before JHED deactivation. We recommend backing up files before graduating.

Online Library Access
Alumni can use these login credentials to access KnowledgeNET, the online alumni library. Learn more about your access to those alumni research resources, here.

Transcript and Diploma Access
Official transcripts are requested through National Student Clearinghouse. For more information on transcripts, please visit the University Registrar website.

Ce Diplomas are requested through by creating an account with Google or LinkedIn. For more information on diplomas, please visit the University Registrar website. 

Course Materials Access
Bloomberg School of Public Health alumni can access their CoursePlus materials once their JHEDs deactivate by contacting the CoursePlus support team to have their CoursePlus ID restored. Alumni have access to their enrolled courses 2 academic years after the courses were offered. 

Once your JHED deactivates, you will not have access to Canvas.

1098T Tax Forms
Once JHEDs deactivate, alumni may access their 1098T forms by visiting the SIS Self-Service and logging into their accounts using their alumni login information. 

If you have any questions about tax forms, please contact SEAM. If you are unable to log in with your alumni email account, please create a guest account using this online form.

Alumni do not have access to iHopkins with their alumni account. For questions about iHopkins, please contact the Office of International Services at

During your 180-day grace period, you should:

  1. Activate your email account once you receive notification it has been created for you. 
  2. Continue to check your account during your grace period. Once your JHED deactivates, your inbox will be inaccessible and emails sent to your student email address will automatically redirect to your alumni email account.
  3. Save important emails, contact lists, and OneDrive files from your Microsoft Office 365 student email account. Your student emails will not automatically transfer to your alumni email account. Files will not be accessible after your JHED deactivates.
  4. Learn how to transfer important personal emails from your student email account to your alumni email account, here.


For All Devices (Mobile and Desktop)

  1. Open your preferred browser (not Internet Explorer)
  2. Type in
  3. Enter alumni email address ( & Password
  4. Choose Yes or No at Stay signed in? page
  5. On the left side, click the Outlook icon


  1. Open your preferred browser (not Internet Explorer)
  2. Type in
  3. Click on Sign In in the middle of the screen (or the human icon in the upper right)
  4. At the Sign In prompt, enter & Password
  5. Choose Yes or No at Stay signed in? page
  6. On the left side, click the Outlook icon

Alumni email accounts must be accessed through Outlook Web Access (OWA) via the websites listed above. Accessing alumni email through email client applications on a desktop/laptop/mobile device via IMAP/POP3/Exchange/etc. is not supported by Johns Hopkins University. 


To reset your password, go to and enter your alumni email address. 




Having problems registering for Alumni Services? Send an email to