JHU Alumni Office 365 Email Account Information

What happens to your email after graduation?

If you are an alumnus but are currently enrolled as a student at Johns Hopkins or are employed by Johns Hopkins, you do not need to take further action. Your JHED will not expire.

Updated 5/15/2019

Your @jhu.edu email address will be active for a limited time following your graduation date.* After that period, the email account, along with your JHED access, will be terminated.  We suggest that you create an alumni email alias to forward any emails sent to your jhu.edu account to another account to ensure you receive emails sent there once that account deactivates.

As an alumni benefit, all Johns Hopkins alumni have an alumni email account created for them with the address YOURJHEDID@alumni.jh.edu.  This is a full, working email account.  Alumni are contacted by email once those accounts have been created with steps to activate that account.  The activation steps are also outlined below. 

Alumni are unable to migrate emails from their student accounts to their alumni accounts.  This limitation has been set by Microsoft.  Alumni may attempt to migrate emails to another email account, like a personal gmail account, but we cannot guarantee the success of that migration. We suggest that any important emails or contact lists be saved prior to JHEDs deactivating.

*Class of 2016: Your email access will begin to deactivate in May 2019 (excluding Medicine, who have already deactivated).

Class of 2017: You will be contacted this summer with your new alumni email account information.  Your jhu.edu email account will deactivate in early Fall 2019. (excluding Medicine and SAIS, who have already deactivated).

Class of 2018: You will be contacted this summer with your new alumni email account information.  Your jhu.edu email account will deactivate in mid-Fall 2019 (excluding Medicine, who have already deactivated).

Class of 2019: You will be contacted in late summer with your new alumni email account information. Your jhu.edu email account will deactivate in late Fall/early Winter 2019. 

Note: School of Medicine graduates will remain active for 90 days post-graduation.

For issues regarding email account creation, please contact us at alumniemail@jhu.edu.

Getting Started:

  1. Register for a Johns Hopkins Alumni Services account

    Visit https://alumni.jhu.edu.

    Scroll to the middle of the page and follow the prompts. Select “First-time Login” if you have never registered for an Alumni Services Account, or “Reset Password” if you cannot remember your password.

    First-Time Login
  2. Activate your alumni email account

    Using your Johns Hopkins Alumni Services (formerly Johns Hopkins Connect) credentials, activate and log in to your alumni online email account at https://alumni.jhu.edu/email. (Note: your password may not be the same as your my.jh.edu credentials)

Please note: Due to HIPAA restrictions, any affiliate of Johns Hopkins Medicine, including both the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and Johns Hopkins Hospital, will be unable to forward their @JHU.edu/@JHMI.edu email addresses until their JHED ID is deactivated. After deactivation, forwarding can be established using methods in the following section.


Once your JHED record drops you will lose access to my.jh.edu and you will be unable to access

  • the self-service alias tool,
  • your existing student email account, and
  • any other tools linked to your JHED ID.

Therefore, we strongly encourage you to save any information you need from your jhu.edu account prior to that account deactivating.

If your JHED ID deactivates before you have created your email alias, go to the Alumni Email Alias Tool found in your Alumni Services Account to establish email forwarding.

Alumni Alias

For Mobile Devices

You will need to reconfigure, or configure for the first time, access to email for your new Johns Hopkins Alumni Office 365 email account:


  • For ActiveSync you will only need to enter your email address (yourJHEDID@Alumni.jh.edu), and your password for that email address
  • For Android and iPhone you will also need to enter in the server name (outlook.office365.com)


The settings for POP and IMAP are:

Server name
SMTP smtp.office365.com 587 TLS



Having problems registering for Alumni Services? Send an email to alumniemail@jhu.edu.