Community Hero Award

The Community Hero Award recognizes outstanding contributions that address critical social, economic and environmental needs throughout our society and communities, including local communities. Both individuals and groups are eligible. The nominee(s) may be either Johns Hopkins alumni (individual or group) who have impacted any community OR non-alumni (individual or group) who have impacted a Johns Hopkins institution.

Name Affiliation/Title Date of Award
Patricia M.C. Brown Med Trustee 2018
Charles A. Constable Bus ’05 2018
Arthur N. Eisenberg A&S ’64 2018
Matthew J. Hanna A&S ’02 2018
Melissa Garcia Ed '13 2017
Sarah Hemminger Engr '02, Med '10
Kevin A. Johnson A&S ’03 2018
Thomas M. Kearney SAIS ‘91 2018
Wyatt D. Oroke Ed ’15 2018
Jane Oski Med '91, BSPH '09
James Peters Ed '06
Daniel J. Trahey Peab ’00 2018
Jaclyn Truncellito Range BSPH ’14 2018
William Tiefenwerth Former Homewood Administration