Advance Notice Policy

Resolved, that the Executive Committee hereby approves the following Policy as a Policy of the Alumni Council, pursuant to Article IV, Section 1 of the Johns Hopkins Alumni Association’s Bylaws.

Advance Notice Policy

Any member of the Alumni Council (“Member”) may propose an agenda item for consideration at the Alumni Council’s next Annual Meeting by following the following procedure:

  1. The Alumni Association website shall contain a “button” that will allow any Member to suggest a topic for discussion at the Annual Meeting of the Alumni Council.
  2. Not later than approximately ninety (90) days prior to an Annual Meeting of the Alumni Council, a Member may submit a proposed agenda item for discussion along with a written explanation of the reasons for such agenda item to the Steering Committee for consideration.
  3. The Steering Committee shall consider such proposal at a meeting. If a majority of the Steering Committee believes (in good faith, taking into account factors including the purpose of the Alumni Association as set forth in the Bylaws and the importance of other items on the Annual Meeting agenda) that the agenda item should be considered at the Annual Meeting, the Steering Committee shall place it on the agenda and shall allocate a period of time at the Annual Meeting for discussion of the agenda item.
  4. If a majority of the Steering Committee believes that it is not appropriate to consider such agenda item, the President shall contact the proponent of the agenda item to discuss with him or her, the reasons for the Steering Committee’s decision. After such discussion, the President, in his or her discretion, may ask the Steering Committee to reconsider its decision. If, after any such reconsideration, the Steering Committee confirms its earlier determination that the proposed agenda item is not appropriate for consideration, it shall publish the proposed agenda item along with the proponent’s explanation of the reasons for such agenda item and a brief statement why the Steering Committee determined it inappropriate for the agenda item to be considered. All such materials shall be made available to the Alumni Council prior to the Annual Meeting. At the Annual Meeting, any Member of the Council may call for a vote as to whether such agenda item should nonetheless be considered. If at least 50% of the Alumni Council members present and voting are in favor of discussing the agenda item, it will be discussed at the Annual Meeting.

Approved by the JHAA Executive Committee – January 6, 2015

  Want to submit a suggestion for discussion? Have questions or comments? Please contact Susan deMuth.