Jasmine Chehrazi

Jasmine Chehrazi is the founder of the Yoga District collective of yoga studios, and founder of Yoga Activist, a nonprofit outreach organization dedicated to improving accessibility and trauma sensitivity in yoga and mindfulness instruction. Jasmine LOVES the Yoga District community. She has trained with teachers from a wide variety of yoga traditions and taught students of diverse backgrounds. 

In her role as a yoga educator, Jasmine serves on the Faculty at George Washington University, advising yoga teachers in training. She also directs the yoga teacher training programs at Yoga District. . As an advisor in continuing education yoga programs, to yoga teacher trainees, and to experienced yoga teachers, it’s Jasmine’s goal to skillfully share yoga’s teachings and assist others in doing the same.

Jasmine’s best teachers are her students and she is grateful for their patience, sweat, hard work, and understanding as she learns along with them on this challenging path of mindfulness and liberating confusion. Jasmine believes that it is a basic right to have access to mindfulness resources.