What is an Alumni Community?

A Regional Alumni Community is a Hopkins alumni population within a certain geographical region. Hopkins Regional Alumni Communities are not membership based, so all JHU alumni are included.

The mission of Hopkins Regional Alumni Communities is to empower alumni and other members of regionally-based Johns Hopkins Alumni Association (JHAA) communities to create personal and professional opportunities that nurture a lifelong relationship with one another and the university. Communities are led by active volunteers, ready and willing to plan and promote events meaningful to their unique community.

There are three types of communities, which are based on the size and demographics of the alumni population:

  • Larger communities (600 or more alumni) are often referred to as "chapters." These larger communities are led by a president and a small planning committee.
  • Smaller communities (599 or less alumni) are led by one to two dedicated volunteers, often referred to as "regional representatives."
  • Young Alumni Committees (YACs) are made up of undergraduate alumni from the past ten years. The YACs work closely with chapters to sponsor events and to offer unique programs around the interests of recent graduates. 

Each regional group, with its particular alumni population and location characteristics, will necessarily have specific opportunities tailored to meet its needs.

Find a complete listing of current Regional Alumni Communities here.