Vivianne Njoku Biography

Vivianne Njoku

Born in Lagos, Nigeria and currently residing in Brooklyn, NY while maintaining a creative presence in Washington, DC, Vivianne Njoku is an inspired and engaged member of her communities locally, globally and everything in between. Having spent numerous years providing her services as a video artist for festivals, musicians and non-profits, as well as instructing youth in video production and progressive arts, Ms. Njoku is currently a Teaching Artist with the Tribeca Film Institute, Reel Works Teen Filmmaking, and Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls. 

The common thread in Ms. Njoku’s past and present work is providing youth with the tools to empower themselves to become critically-engaged citizens who strive for a just, democratic society. Vivianne’s work and performances have been showcased at arts festivals, multi-media venues, and creative spaces across the country and internationally, including Artomatic in Washington, DC; Galapagos Art Space in New York City; and Toronto Pride in Canada. Currently, Ms. Njoku is earning her Masters Degree and Teaching Certification in Art Education from New York University.