Passage Through the Panama Canal and Costa Rica aboard Wind Star

February 8 - 16

From $4,795 Early Booking

Called the "coast of riches" by the Spanish conquistadors who sought to colonize it following Columbus's arrival in 1502, Costa Rica offers diverse and fascinating riches, from its impossibly fertile landscape to the perseverant culture of its indigenous people. More than 25 percent of this captivating country is a national park, wildlife refuge or protected rainforest, earning Coast Rica the distinction of the greenest country in the world and the leading destination for eco-tourism. Explore lush rainforsts, stroll coral-fringed beaches and encounter a vivid array of wildlife, including howler monkeys, colorful tree frogs and 600 species of non-migratory birds. The national motto of Coast Rica is "Pura vida!" which translates to "pure life"; the passionate biologists captivated by the flourishing rare and endemic species, and the spectacularly vivacious landscape itself. 

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 Passage Through Panama Canal and Costa Rica aboard Wind Star