Women Owned

Driftless Curiosity Inc.

Driftless Curiosity is a land-based learning non-profit with a mission to deepen the connection between people and the land through curiosity, experiential education, farming, social justice, and the Arts. Our vision is a paradigm shift that will usher in a reverence for the interconnection of life and manifest mindful collective values and actions concerning personal, social, and planetary wellness. We host workshops, meals, community events, and retreats on our 200 acre organic vegetable farm, which includes wooded and natural areas, trails, and diverse learning space.

Brain Injury Neurodevelopmental Consulting, LLC

Dr. Brenda Eagan-Johnson, the owner of Brain Injury Neurodevelopmental Consulting, LLC, is a legal expert witness & consultant focusing on traumatic brain injury & other forms of neurotrauma in personal injury cases for children, teens, and young adults. Dr. Eagan-Johnson provides brain injury-related education & transition-related expert witness opinions. She also creates education & transition plan recommendations for services and supports that students require now & through adulthood.

Christine Jahan Designs

Christine Jahan is the owner of Christine Jahan Designs, an award-winning residential and commercial Interior Design firm based out of Glendora, California, U.S.A. She operates on the idea that the world's greatest work comes about when we are free to create and learn. Respect is essential; so is integrity. She is professional and never compromises her individuality. That's what makes her a great creator of custom designs. She is a problem-solver and an artist; she collaborates and promotes excellence. Christine is true to who she is and encourages you to be that as well.

Caring Hands Behavioral Health Center

Caring Hands Behavioral Health Center is proudly serving the Harwood community in Baltimore City and beyond. We are committed to providing compassionate, effective, and person-centered behavioral health care treatment to the people we serve. We strive to assist them along their path towards living a meaningful life and achieving their full potential. We support children, adolescents, adults, and older adults address mental health and substance use problems and improve their quality of life, all within a safe and welcoming environment.

TBD Wine

TBD Wines is a natural wine subscription box which focuses on Pet Nat, short for Pétillant Naturel, literally "natural sparkling" in French. TBD started as a placeholder name: To Be Determined… but it's grown on us as a more permanent name.

Because Pet Nat wine has a specific production process where the fermentation continues after being bottled, “TBD” speaks to the unique and exciting nature of these sparkling wines! We also think of TBD as The Best Damn Wine Club.

Hudgins Williams Associates

Hudgins Williams Associates delivers Coaching, capacity building and communication services.

We are dedicated to leveraging best in class coaching and leadership development, organizational planning and marketing communications to increase the impact of individuals and organizations whose missions include making our world a better place.

Mo. Na. Gems

We are Mo.Na. Gems, a startup founded by two Johns Hopkins students, Mia Dunn and Mecca McDonald in their college kitchens. We have a solution to reducing plastic waste in the fashion industry. We have developed earrings from bioplastic -- Mo.Na. gems look like synthetic plastic and come in trendy shapes, but are 100% biodegradable. When discarded, our gems will break down into its original and natural components, leaving a minimal environmental footprint.