Juniors & Young Alumni Seminar

The Juniors and Young Alumni Seminar is an annual event that provides remarkable juniors and young alumni a half day opportunity to come together for networking and mentorship while learning from one another.

For the 4th annual seminar we will be at Charles Commons on *Wednesday, April 1st from 6:30 - 9:00 pm*. In addition to the learning opportunities for all attendees we will also be hosting a catered brunch and ice cream happy hour to end the day. Interested current Juniors will be apply to apply soon. 

"So much opportunity to talk with alums on a professional and personal level. I learned so much that it's actually changed how to think about my future. Loved the smaller groups"

"Enjoyed getting to speak with alumni and hear about their experiences after Hopkins; Learned that you don't necessarily need to get a job that matches your major."

"Gave me the opportunity to meet with people who were in my shoes and get advice for career, grad school, etc."

"Meeting our future seniors of Hopkins as they start to seriously consider futures is great. It's also amazing staying connected with the alumni."

"In the role as an alumni leader, you very quickly learn that students value your opinion, experiences, and advice--it helped in tailoring responses, being open, and effectively engaging."

"The opportunity to engage with students who will very soon be in out shoes is an invaluable one. As young alumni and recent grads, we can strongly identify with the concerns, questions, anxieties, and fears these students have since were there no that long ago--made for a very fruitful relevant, and productive time!"