OneHop Alumni: your one stop for career, community & connections

OneHop launches

<updated 6/28/2020>

OneHop Alumni builds on our previous GoHopOnline platform to offer improved alumni-to-alumni networking, an easily-searchable alumni directory, and opportunities to connect with our many alumni communities.

OneHop Alumni will be your one stop to connect with fellow Hopkins alumni and to support current students and recent graduates.


When you join OneHop Alumni, you will be able to:

   * Connect with alumni from around the world

   * Explore regional and affinity groups to further your interests

   * Be accessible to students seeking advice and guidance

It only takes a few minutes to sign up. Once signed up, you can share ideas on the discussion board, explore the many group channels, and network with others.

Visit here to learn more about how OneHop Alumni works.

Have questions about OneHop? Click here to find out more.