OneHop Alumni Frequently Asked Questions

OneHop Alumni

<updated 7/16/2020>

Who can join OneHop Alumni?

All Johns Hopkins alumni, both undergraduates and graduates from any of Johns Hopkins' nine schools, are eligible to join OneHop Alumni.


What happened to GoHopOnline?

We have recently phased out GoHopOnline as our official online directory and networking platform and have replaced it with OneHop Alumni.


What is OneHop Alumni?

OneHop Alumni builds on our previous GoHopOnline platform to offer improved alumni-to-alumni networking, a more easily-searchable alumni directory, opportunities to connect with our many alumni communities, and support current students and recent graduates.  


How do I use OneHop Alumni?

OneHop Alumni will be your one stop to connect with fellow Johns Hopkins alumni and to support current undergrad and grad students. You can also explore regional and affinity groups to further your interests.


How large is the OneHop Alumni community?

We currently have over 16,000 alumni in our OneHop Alumni community.


Is OneHop Alumni for mentoring?

OneHop has two hubs, the OneHop Alumni hub, and the OneHop Mentoring hub. On the OneHop Mentoring hub, alumni have the opportunity to connect with students and other alumni in a mentoring capacity. OneHop Mentoring is by invitation-only through Johns' Hopkins' nine schools. If you are interested in serving as a mentor, contact Casey Miller, Director of Hopkins Connect at

I am a current mentor on OneHop Mentoring. How do I access OneHop Alumni?
If you're in OneHop Mentoring, click on OneHop Alumni in the drop down menu in the upper left hand corner, next to the OneHop logo.  The information from your mentoring profile will transfer to your alumni profile, and you'll answer a few questions to set your preferences. It's quick and easy!


Does OneHop Alumni have a jobs board?

Yes! You can access available jobs or post jobs on Handshake, which you can access from the OneHop Alumni Resources tab.


Does OneHop Alumni have an events calendar? 

Yes! You can find a link to our alumni events calendar in the Resources tab.


Does OneHop Alumni have an alumni business directory?

Yes! You can go to Made by Hopkins in the Resources tab to search alumni businesses, or to add your own. 


How can I find out about online courses, lectures, and other alumni learning opportunities?

You can access a link to our Lifelong Learning Program in the Resources tab.


How do I access to OneHop Alumni?

Join our community at

How do I create a new profile on OneHop Alumni?

Current GoHopOnline users will receive an email that invites them to the OneHop Alumni platform that fast-tracks their registration process.

For those without a GoHopOnline profile, alumni can visit OneHop Alumni at and click on "Join Our Community". Then, they can choose to sign in using their LinkedIn profile or a valid email address. Once their accounts are approved, they can start exploring, asking questions, sharing feedback, and more!


I had a profile on GoHopOnline. Do I need to create a new profile on OneHop Alumni?

GoHopOnline users will receive an email with a link to fast-track their registration process and will be automatically approved upon registration.


How can I start networking with alumni in OneHop Alumni?

There are many ways to network with alumni on OneHop Alumni. Once you're logged in, you can start a conversation by posting a question or by sharing feedback on a current topic on the discussion board.

Proactively search for alumni to connect with using OneHop Alumni's directory feature. Search for people by location, major, Johns Hopkins school attended, degree type, grad year, and more.


Take the matching quiz and update your profile and OneHop Alumni will recommend individuals with whom you should connect based on those preferences. 


You can also connect with alumni by joining one or more of our OneHop Alumni groups. We've got groups based on location, identity, industry, school, and interests. 


What are Groups, and how do I join them?

OneHop Alumni Groups are smaller, private communities that allow you to connect with fellow alumni based on location, identity, industry, school, interests, and more.


To join a group, interested alumni can simply click on the "Join Group" button. Once your membership is approved by the group administrator, you can stay active in your group by reviewing the group's resources, posting and answering questions on the discussion board, or by searching members within the group and connecting with them individually. 


Can anyone post to the main OneHop Alumni discussion board? What kinds of questions should I post there?
Anyone with a OneHop Alumni profile can post a question to the main discussion board. Topics can range from "What advice do you have for some who's new to networking" and "What was your first job and how did you get it" to "Have you participated in any of the Hopkins at Home lectures or minicourses yet".


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