Johns Hopkins Chapter of the American University Clubs of France (AUC)

Welcome to Johns Hopkins Chapter of the American University Clubs of France (AUC)!

What is the AUC:

The American University Clubs of France (AUC France) promotes, organizes and supports networking, cultural and business-related events targeting all American Universities alumni in France.

The major annual events organized by AUC are the Traditional Annual Reception held every year with the presence of the US Ambassador and the Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner.

AUC France members include ~40 American Universities alumni Clubs in France, representing ~ 35 000 Alumni.

AUC France's mission is:

  • To support its individual members with the organization and promotion of professional or networking events that are of relevance to the entire AUC France community 
  • To provide a platform where club presidents and reps can exchange best practices on all aspects of club management
  • To promote networking among the AUC France community through a number of selected social or business networking events every year.

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Robbert van Eerd
SAIS Bologna ’10, SAIS ’11
Lena Diesing
SAIS Bologna ’10, SAIS ’11

Krystle Ongaco
Staff Liaison

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