Lifelong Learning (Online) & AAP: When Cowboys Wore a Derby

"When Cowboys Wore a Derby" banner
  Event Date: Thursday, November 14, 2019
Start Time: 6:45pm
End Time: 8:45pm

Sponsored by Hopkins Lifelong Learning & Advanced Academic Programs

How Wild was the Old West as seen in countless Hollywood movies? How were these stories created and why do they hold such a fascination for us today? This course will explore the many myths about the western frontier. We will examine the personalities, images, and stereotypes of cowboys, Indians, and gunslingers that became associated with the Wild West and the historic reality of people and events behind the myths.

Robert Baer portraitRobert Baer, E.D., is a college administrator with over thirty years of experience in higher education. He has taught history at York College, CUNY, Community College of Baltimore County, Osher Institute, and Howard and Norwalk Campus.


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