Cruising the Aegean and Adriatic Seas on Le Bougainville

September 10 - 18

From $4,495 plus air

The unspoiled coastlines and idyllic islands of the azure Adriatic, Aegean and Ionian Seas are dynamic crossroads of the Roman, Byzantine and Venetian civilizations and their distinctive cultures that flourished here for more than 3000 years. Our comprehensive, custom‑designed itinerary reveals an extraordinary cultural legacy spanning five countries—Greece, Albania, Croatia, Montenegro and Italy—and transiting the Corinth Canal, a momentous passage possible only by small ship. Begin your journey in Athens—the cradle of Western civilization. Cross the Isthmus of Corinth, passing through the narrow canal between soaring, 300‑foot‑tall limestone walls; cruise along the Adriatic coast of the stunning region of Dalmatia; and conclude in Venice, originally known as La Serenissima, “the most serenely beautiful city.”

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