Communication Policies

Alumni Directories

Alumni leaders can request a list of names, email addresses and phone numbers of alumni within their region. E-mails and phone numbers may be used only for JHU purposes. Each leader must sign a confidentiality form upon receiving a list.

Remember, the Office of Alumni Relations will send an invitation email and several reminders to all alumni within your region.

Social Media Standards

The Office of Alumni Relations encourages all communities to have a social media presence. This can include networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. If your region does not already have a social media site, please contact your staff liaison to create one for you. Facebook is a great way to promote events, welcome new alumni to your area, or meet up over a shared interest.


The Office of Alumni Relations will maintain a webpage for each existing community at These webpages will include a brief description of the community, contact information for alumni leaders, a demographic breakdown of each community, and a link to your upcoming events.  Alumni leaders are encouraged to submit content/notes for their webpage, as well as to develop social media pages to complement the community’s official alumni webpage. 

Logo Usage

All recognized alumni communities may use the Johns Hopkins name.

There are particular banners and logos that the Alumni Association and its associated communities are permitted to use. Please check with your staff liaison before using any image you haven’t received directly from a Johns Hopkins representative to represent your community.

No logos should be distorted or manipulated in any way for any reason.

Updating Your Information

Because most community correspondence is sent via email, it’s very important that the contact information that we have for alumni—particularly the email addresses—is accurate and up-to-date.

If you wish to receive mailings at a new email address, please visit and give us your most up-to-date contact information. Please encourage your local alumni to keep their contact information updated as well.

When alumni tell us that they are not receiving emails from the university, it is often because they have an old mailing address on file, an old email on file, or they have a “do not contact” note in our database.  All of these issues can be resolved by updating information at