Griffin Legacy & Associates, LLC

Griffin Legacy & Associates, LLC

Griffin Legacy & Associates LLC provides consulting services to educational institutions, grassroots entities, not for profits, and government organizations. Our consulting mobilizes people to use resources and skills to improve their communities.

We transform educational institutions into positive, participatory environments. We revise and introduce curriculum and protocols to increase inclusive classrooms and improve school climate. Our services not only collaborate with you on needed strategies and tools, but we also train and support their implementation for positive impacts on learning and community.

Community Development
Public service, nonprofit organizations, and grassroots activists are tasked to meet the needs of the community. Our services support projects and initiatives of single entities and group coalitions. From pre-launch to evaluation of outcome, we will facilitate and lead your grant, and project management needs to focus on your mission of public good.

Advocacy and Policy
We are dedicated to advance our legacy and objective to elevate the lives of people of the African diaspora. We work to ensure that the Black community and others are fortified by knowledge, skills, and resources to access and take action for sustainable, positive community change and power. We coach and advise on using your voice to advocate and create policies on your issue.

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Tiveeda Stovall, Ed.D.
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