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Body, Mind and Spirit


Seeing the Unseen

John Collins, A&S '51

Writing from personal experience, the author suggests that personal fulfillment, however defined, requires the engagement of the whole (conscious and unconscious dimensions) of Self to be realized. He relates the impediments to rendering our unconscious user-friendly and its contents intelligible. Religion must assume responsibility for helping Man overcome his dichotomous state of being.

ISBN: 9781609570316

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What is God Like?

Dana Griffin, A&S '74

What is God Like is a delightful picture book explaining the concept of a loving and caring God in a manner that can be easily understood by a child. This book can be enjoyed as a read a loud devotional for the whole family. It is ideal for Sunday school and home schoolers.

ISBN: 9781629520261

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The Art and Science of Dating: Use these Suggestions, Methods, and Tools to Get the Relationship with the Man You Want

Robert Howard '78, '83

Detailed explanatin of 13 strategies to meet,screen out, and enter a fulfilling connection with a man.

ISBN: 9781475901771

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Everything's Always Perfect

Kevin Jenkins, Bus '15

Move your relationship from one place to the next though prayer. This book provides readers with 14 biblically-based prayer scripts that will take your relationship from mediocre to exceptional.

ISBN: 1524672025

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Anatomy of Fitness: Yoga

Goldie Karpel Oren, A&S '06

Yoga is more than just an excellent form of exercise: it is also a spiritual and mental practice that can improve your mental outlook. Anatomy of Fitness: Yoga includes: a comprehensive introduction to yoga; over 65 essential step-by-step yoga poses; and a range of different yoga sequences ranging from easy to intense, including the Salutation to the Sun, so anyone can tailor a program to suit their fitness requirements.

ISBN: 1743080093

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New Reasons for Hope

Frances Mondimore, Medicine '79

Incorporating latest research on BPD, psychiatrists Mondimore and Kelly conceptualize it in an original way, explaining that symptoms are the result of biological and behavioral problems, temperament, and often, traumatic life events. They advocate a therapeutic approach incorporating compassion and optimism in the face of an often tumultuous disease.

ISBN: 1421403145

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An Angel Whispered

Patricia Tashiro, SAIS '97

An Angel Whispered shares heavenly wisdom and down-to-earth advice on how to create happiness within. Happiness is an essential ingredient for human life. When we are happy, we automatically share this happiness with others - it cannot be contained. And then we realize that when we change, the world changes.

ISBN: 9781846944284

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Life Is A Squiggly Line: Start Embracing Imperfection and Stop Settling for Safe

Fallon Ukpe, KSAS '07

How did the myth of perfection drive us to achieve more but feel less successful? Overall, we are more educated, more accomplished, and more financially secure but feel less fulfilled than any other generation in history. Life Is A Squiggly Line shows us how to embrace imperfection and reject the need for perfection while creation a life of meaningful sucess and lasting impact. By learning how to navigate life's ups, downs, and transitions, the book shows us how to life a life that is meaningful and to stop settling for anything less.

ISBN: 9781544505565

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Basic Training for Christians: 7 Things Every Christian Should Know

Donna Rowlette, Ed '09

This book provides seven key ideas that Christians should understand. By intentionally renewing your mind, embracing your inner theologician, recognizing the power of prayer, understanding the role of the Holy Spirit, embracing your Christian family, being held accountable, and knowing the biblical narrative, readers will develop a strong Christian foundation.

ISBN: 9781545658710

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