The Impact of Electronic Health Records on Healthcare

Parham Eftekhari, Co-Founder and EVP of Research at both GTRA and HealthTech, Founder & President, CamPatch

With a passion for entrepreneurship, strategy, business development and relationship building, Mr. Eftekhari's 10 years of experience help organizations develop and execute high-performance operational and strategic growth strategies.

Mr. Eftekhari is the Co-Founder and EVP of Research at both GTRA and HealthTech, organizations which conduct research with C-level IT executives in the government and healthcare markets and use the knowledge gleaned through research to provide executive education & collaboration, technology recommendations and publish research findings. Mr. Eftekhari is also the Co-Founder and President of CamPatch Webcam Covers.

Mr. Eftekhari's growing resume of professional writing and speaking include being a contributing author to 2011's "Defending the Cloud: Waging War in Cyberspace"; publications and articles for multiple organizations including GTRA and AOL Government, speaking and moderating on executive panels, and having his research quoted in national publications.

Mr. Eftekhari holds a B.B.A. in Marketing & International Business and a minor in French from the University of Wisconsin - Madison and the equivalent of a MBA from the Ecole Superieure de Commerce de Paris (ESCP-EAP) in Paris, France.