Alicia Rodriguez

Alicia M. Rodriguez is a Conscious Living expert, inspirational speaker and personal advisor to professional women who seek to thrive in work and life. Throughout her life she has been driven by an insatiable curiosity to understand life, spirit and humanity.  She is the author of Manage Your Life Before Life Manages You and EveryDay Epiphanies. She is also the President of Sophia Associates Inc. an international leadership development practice where she works with visionary leaders, executive women, creative and social entrepreneurs and change agents on Conscious Leadership practices. She writes, blogs and speaks on issues of conscious living, purposeful leadership, women’s issues and spiritual evolution.

She is the founder of Oasis in Ecuador, her home and retreat center on the Pacific Coast of Ecuador, and the site for her personal and group retreats. 

Alicia leads a location independent lifestyle. She has designed her life so that she can be the fullest expression of her true nature in order to serve others on their journey.  She enjoys meaningful conversations, cooking with friends, fine wine, strong coffee, dogs (or any animals), a good sense of humor, treks through the rainforest, meditating by the ocean and walks in nature. She appreciates grace, beauty and peace as much as she embodies the qualities of a warrior, leader and sage.