Hidden Figures: The conversation Continues

Thank you for joining us for Hidden Figures on Sunday, January 29th.

What a tremendous opportunity to experience the story of those inspiring women with your Johns Hopkins Community. We wanted to take a moment to follow up with some additional resources that reinforce the important work that the “Human Computers” did and showcase issues that continue to be discussions surrounding racial and gender diversity in the sciences and beyond.

We were thrilled to host over 300 Johns Hopkins community members at our Hidden Figures event. More than one family attended with three generations of women and we’ve received emails from some of you anxious to share more of your stories. Due to the overwhelming response and importance of this conversation, we would like to invite you to share your story or ask any unanswered questions that you might have using the form below. Our hope is to share these questions or stories with the community on webpage and with our panelists.

Please follow the link below or click here.



Hidden Figures No More (Washington Post)


Sexy Black Scientists


Women in Astronomy


The TED x talk entitled: "Why we need gender neutral bathrooms” by Ivan Coyote 


NPR - When women stopped coding


Science - Emergent Attitudes Toward Brillance