ScopeBug: The Affordable Telemedicine Tool KIt, providing simple to use medical devices in the hands of remote patients to assist physicians in providing higher quality medical virtual care.

The ScopeBug tool kit contains the following items that plug into the USB port on your laptop or desktop (future iterations will include smartphone connectivity as well):
* an otoscope to look into the ears, nose, and throat
* a stethoscope to listen to the heart and lungs
* innovative sliding tongue depressors to asset the otoscope in achieving exception images in the throat from the otoscope
* ergonomic tips to place on the otoscope to look into the ears and nose
* a digital thermometer
* calipers for dermatological use to measure wounds, swelling, post-op monitoring, etc.
* USB adaptors
* alcohol wipes to clean the various tools after use

US Total Addressable Market ('TAM') = 80M households.
Global TAM = 330M households.

We will constantly innovate and improve our products and add such items to cover pediatric care, OBGYN care, and eventually also dentistry, especially with respect to post-op/appointment care from the comfort and safety on your own home, or while travelling away from home.

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