Entopsis researches, developments and manufactures novel, impactful technologies for life sciences research and medical diagnostics. Backed by Peter Thiel's Breakout Labs

Two core, proprietary technology platforms:

OpsisDx (Entopsis.com)
- A universal platform to diagnose diseases thru urine by combining chemistry with AI
- OpsisDx utilizes a proprietary and novel approach to AI where 'chemical networks' supersede 'neural networks' to diagnose medical conditions
- This emerging field of study promises to diagnose medical conditions by comprehensively and unbiasedly examining molecules in bio-fluids (no DNA analysis required)
- The vision: 'Google' biochemical systems (i.e., people) similar to how we search for data online

PCRopsis (PCRopsis.com)
- Innovative research tools to facilitate discovery
- Impacts: life sciences, plant & animal research, forensics, diagnostics
- Help partners save time, money and effort while delivering accurate results

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Medical Technology & Devices
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Obdulio Piloto
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School of Medicine
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