JHU Alumni Office 365 Email Account Information

What happens to your email after graduation?

If you are an alum but are currently enrolled as a student at Johns Hopkins or employed by Johns Hopkins, you do not need to take further action. Your JHED will not expire.

Your jhu.edu email address will be active for a limited time following your graduation date*. After that period, the email account, along with your JHED access, will be terminated.

After your graduation date, you will automatically be given an alumni.jh.edu email address. This is a full, working email account. The below steps will walk you through how to activate that account.

*JHED deactivation timelines are set by each division's registrar's office and usually occur within 1-3 years from graduation.  

EXCEPTION: School of Medicine grads, your jhu.edu email will remain active for only 15 days following your graduation date. Please send a message to alumniemail@jhu.edu for assistance.

In order to take advantage of the email for life when you no longer have an active JHED record, you must register for an account in Alumni Services (formerly known as Johns Hopkins Connect). To do that, scroll to the middle of the page where it asks for a login ID and password.  If you have never registered or have forgotten your password, follow the appropriate prompts.  Once you have registered as a first-time user in Alumni Services, you may browse to your new JHU Alumni Office 365 email account - http://outlook.com/alumni.jh.edu - and login using your Alumni Services ID and password.  If you have an existing JHU student email account, you can follow the migration instructions to move the contents of your existing email account from the JHU Student Office 365 system or JH Exchange email account to your new email account in the JHU Alumni Office 365 system.

Once eligible, all alumni will receive an email notification from the Office of Alumni Relations.  Due to the differences in how each school manages JHED expirations, if you have an existing JHU student email account, you are encouraged to migrate immediately upon notification in order to avoid losing access to the JHU student email account.  To reiterate, if you received a degree from Johns Hopkins and are no longer taking classes, then it is best to migrate immediately.

Getting Started: Five Easy steps

  1. REGISTER FOR A JOHNS HOPKINS ALUMNI SERVICES ACCOUNT: Sign up or log-in to your Johns Hopkins Alumni Services Account (formerly Johns Hopkins Connect) at alumni.jhu.edu.Site login

    Once you are on the alumni.jhu.edu home page, scroll to the middle of the page and follow the prompts – resetting your password or first-time login instructions.

    Site login
  2. ACTIVATE YOUR ALUMNI EMAIL ACCOUNT: Using your Johns Hopkins Alumni Services (formerly Johns Hopkins Connect) credentials, activate and log in to your alumni online email account at  http://outlook.com/alumni.jh.edu. (Note these credentials may not be the same as your my.jh.edu credentials)
  3. DETERMINE IF YOU WILL NEED TO MIGRATE EMAIL: After successfully logging in, determine if a migration from an existing Johns Hopkins email system is warranted as this may not apply to all Alumni.
  4. MIGRATE: If a migration is warranted, reference the quick links listed below as applied to the mail system you want  to migrate from.  MAKE NOTE OF THE EMAIL SYSTEM THAT APPLIES TO YOUR SITUATION AS THERE ARE TWO. If unsure, verify from my.jh.edu alias registration page where your aliases are routing.
    • IF Exchange On-premise (usually applies to Faculty and Staff) with a routing of JHEDID@exchange.johnshopkins.edu, CLICK HERE.


    • IF Exchange Online (Office 365) (usually applies to Alumni) with a routing of JHEDID@live.johnshopkins.edu, CLICK HERE.
    Email Alias
  5. REDIRECT YOUR ALIASES: After migrating (if applicable), redirect your current Johns Hopkins registered aliases (JHEDID@jhu.edu) using the self-service alias tool found in your Johns Hopkins portal at https://my.jh.edu.

Please note: Any affiliate of Johns Hopkins Medicine, including both the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and Johns Hopkins Hospital, will be unable to forward their @JHU.edu/@JHMI.edu email addresses via an alias due to HIPPA restictions. 


Once your JHED record drops you will lose access to the my.jh portal, which will prohibit the following:

  • access to the self-service alias tool
  • access to your existing student email account

For this reason we strongly encourage you to complete your migration as soon as possible.

(In instances where your record has dropped before completing your migration, please contact the Johns Hopkins Office of Alumni Relations at alumniemail@jhu.edu.)

For Mobile Devices

You will need to reconfigure, or configure for the first time, access to email for your new Johns Hopkins Alumni Office 365 email account:


  • For ActiveSync you will only need to enter your email address (yourJHEDID@Alumni.jh.edu), and your password for that email address
  • For Android and iPhone you will also need to enter in the server name (outlook.office365.com)

The settings for POP and IMAP are:

Server name
SMTP smtp.office365.com 587 TLS

View a few troubleshooting tips here.

Having problems with your email migration? Call 410-955-HELP.

Having problems registering for Alumni Services (formerly Johns Hopkins Connect)? Email alumniemail@jhu.edu.