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Johns Hopkins Affinity Groups and Communities

Connect with alums who share your interests

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Affinity communities are groups of alumni, students, and friends of the university who are drawn together based on common interests and shared experiences. Interacting in person and virtually, our communities encompass all divisions, graduating classes, regions and professions and reflect a remarkable diversity of concerns and activities. Here's what becoming part of a Hopkins affinity group means to you and your fellow community members:

  • Connecting and networking opportunities
  • Professional and personal development
  • Education and exploration
  • Information and resources sharing
  • A sense of community and shared values

Definition and Purpose
Affinity Program Structure




Career Development Webinars
Alumni Affinity Engagement has coordinated with JHU Homewood Career Center to create an ongoing series of webinars available to all JHU alumni.

Financial Planning 101

Watch Monique's 1 hour webinar here:

Getting the Right Job at a Startup Company

Watch David's 1 hour webinar here:

So, It's Time to Leave Your Job: Entrepreneurial Lessons to Prepare Yourself for a Better One

Watch Elizabeth's 1 hour webinar here:


Don't Get Caught Up...From Resilence to Transformation

Watch Pat's 1 hour webinar here:


Speak and Be Heard: Communicating as a Dynamic Leader

Watch Ann's 1 hour webinar here:

We're just getting started (and need your help!)

In cooperation with alumni everywhere, the Alumni Association has recently begun facilitating affinity community development both online and in various regions. Our success depends on you.

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