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Alumni Journeys Program

Johns Hopkins Alumni Journeys offers you exceptional destinations, enlightened faculty experts and local guides, and like-minded traveling companions in an array of tours — from deluxe and traditional to the exotic and adventurous. If you cherish discovery, education and lively discussion, join us!

Upcoming Trips

The Galapagos Islands

September 7 - 14, 2016
Undiscovered by Europeans until the 16th century, the Galapagos Islands hold a central position in modern history as the birthplace of the theory of evolution. Join fellow alumni on the deluxe Isabela II for a wondrous journey to one of the most biologically unique places on earth.

Paris Immersion
with Ron Walters

September 15-26, 2016
Paris earned its nickname—the City of light— because it embraced education and the exploration of new ideas during the Enlightenment. Today, Paris remains unparalleled in its cultural wealth. For 10 nights, explore the city and its environs at an unhurried pace .

Apulia and Amalfi Coast
with Nino Zchomelidse

September 17-26, 2016
Whet your appetite for this adventure in Southern Italy that features two unique coastal regions. Kissed by the Adriatic sun, Apulia has been settled since time immemorial. The Amalfi Coast, an idyllic paradise of stately mountains majestically over the Mediterranean Sea, has drawn royalty and celebrities for decades.

Island Life in Ancient Greece

September 26 - October 4, 2016
An unparalleled nine-day Aegean odyssey round trip from Athens, Greece, aboard the exclusively chartered Five-Star small ship m.s. Le Lyrial. Call on Crete, Santorini, Delos, Mykonos, Pátmos and medieval Rhodes—islands steeped in myth and history. Visit extraordinary Meteora and the legendary Palace of Minos at Knossos. Athens Pre-Cruise and Peloponnese Post-Cruise Options.

Barcelona Immersion
with Franklin Knight

October 13-21, 2016
Founded more than 2,000 years ago by the ancient Romans, Barcelona is a timeless city whose innovative artistic traditions fuse seamlessly with its richly textured past. Discover the best of this Mediterranean jewel during a 7-night stay that highlights its many stunning facets.

The Art of Living: Tuscany

October 29-November 19, 2016

Italy has it all: sun-drenched beaches, peaceful countryside and vibrant cities, all enriched by a fascinating history and culture.

Eastern & Oriental Express

October 30-November 11, 2016
Experience an exotic kaleidoscope of colors, sounds, cultures and ancient histories in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.

Exploring Cuba’s Cultural Heritage in Havana and Trinidad
With Professor Tim Murphy

November 4-11, 2016
Join Johns Hopkins Alumni for this unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the rich local culture and rhythms of daily life in Cuba while exploring local landmarks that are significant to Cuba’s heritage. This program has been designed to unravel the richness of Cuban culture while interacting with local residents and professionals to gain a new, in-depth perception of Cuban life.

Authentic Hawaii
With Assistant Professor Sarah Hörst

January 17 - 22, 2017
You are invited to join us for the most amazing exploration of Hawaii’s Big Island! With an exclusive stay at a private historic mansion located in historic Hilo, this trip will give you a snapshot of the beauty of Hawaii.