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Issue 122 | September 2011

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Alumni of note
Bruce E. Blausen, Med '87 (MA), developed the Human Atlas app to teach users about common medical conditions.

Michael G. Vickers, SAIS '10 (PhD), has helped shape U.S. military and intelligence policy for 30 years.

Tammie Harrison, SAIS Nanjing '11 (Cert), reveals her experience on a Chinese dating show.

Wes Moore, A&S '01, made the cover of TIME for the story "The New Greatest Generation."

Chapter Events
Alumni JourneysPop Culture with
Bill Leslie
Oct. 16 in Seattle

Alumni Journeys
Chapter EventsWaterways and Canals of Holland and Belgium
Apr. 17-25, 2012

Book of the Month
Catastrophes! Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Tornadoes, and other Earth-Shattering Disasters
by Donald R. Prothero

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Top Stories
Top Story Back to school, Part 1
A hurricane hard on the heels of an earthquake? You'd think that might start some students wondering if they were really in the right place. But the Homewood Class of 2015 had a blast during Orientation. The School of Nursing also knows how to do the back-to-school thing right: A garden party with a hula hoop contest.
Top Story Back to school, Part 2
Johns Hopkins is now running an East Baltimore public school, with the aim of making it the best in the city and a model for the entire district. Meanwhile, 120 city school students from low-income families are back in class wearing uniforms provided by generous Johns Hopkins employees.
University News
University news Remembering the unforgettable
Student groups organized a moving September 11 commemoration at the Homewood campus.
Art and amnesia
The work of an artist whose memory was damaged by disease opens a window on the workings of the mind for two Johns Hopkins cognitive scientists. Video here; more details here.
Victoria's viola
Here's a very complimentary review — with audio — of a new recording of viola concertos by Peabody Conservatory faculty member Victoria Chiang.
A strategy for dumping virtual trash
Got digital detritus? You know what we say in the real world: Reduce, reuse, recycle.
No vacation
Many Johns Hopkins undergraduates spent the summer working hard and doing good, in Baltimore and far beyond.
Living thoughtfully
Did you devour Krieger School professor P.M. Forni's two books on civility? If so, you might also enjoy what he has to say on "The Thinking Life."
Loving thoughtfully
The neuroscience of love: The School of Medicine's David Linden talks about what's going on in our heads when we're obsessed by another.
A better artificial arm
A prosthetic arm that responds to an amputee's desire to move it? The engineers at the Applied Physics Lab will begin testing soon.
Alchemists: Not necessarily charlatans
A Johns Hopkins chemist and science historian who reproduces alchemists' experiments says some of them knew their chemistry well and made significant discoveries.
The ethics of triage
Natural disasters — like the Haiti earthquake or Hurricane Irene — raise questions about how you decide who to treat when you can't treat everyone.
Sports Beat
Football has won its first three and women's soccer its first five, rising to the No. 7 ranking in NCAA Division III. The fall schedule is off to a great start!
Milestones & Transitions
The university has launched a yearlong examination of the way it teaches introductory science courses at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Astronomer Joseph Silk has won the $950,000 Balzan Prize for pioneering research on the early universe.

Johns Hopkins libraries have joined the Orphan Works Project.
Research Highlights
Conventional wisdom is wrong again. This time, it's the so-called link between menopause and heart attack.

Nagging children, harried parents and junk food.

Can engineers fix soft tissue damage with a combination of synthetic and biological materials?
Alumni News
Alumni News Are you connected?
If you are one of the 4,500 alumni already signed up with Connect, you know it's your key to Hopkins KnowledgeNet®, not to mention the place to find our alumni directory and career networking resources. If you're not, log in today to Connect.
Alumni College: Key West, January 2012
Join Franklin Knight, the Leonard and Helen R. Stulman Professor of History, for a long mid-winter weekend studying U.S.-Caribbean history, the history of rum, piracy and sunken treasures and Cuba.
If you can't make it to Key West...
We've just posted this fall's slate of Alumni Association chapter events. With almost 30 events in 12 cities, from crab feasts to opera outings to academic lectures, we know there's one for you!
More uses for that diploma
Johns Hopkins alumni are eligible for benefits galore, including a 10 percent discount on insurance from Liberty Mutual and a jhu.edu email for life. Check the Alumni Association website to see how you can tap into these and other perks.
Giving Rising: Your new resource for inspiration
Why does a New York energy executive devote his generous efforts to helping his quadruple alma mater? What will personalized cancer medicine mean for disease treatment? And, what, exactly, is in this picture? Find out all this and more on Rising, the new online magazine about opportunity, legacy and impact at Johns Hopkins.
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