Hopkins Alumni Admissions Volunteers (HAAV)

The Johns Hopkins University Office of Admissions and the Office of Alumni Relations have developed a new program, the Hopkins Alumni Admissions Volunteers (HAAV), which is aimed at identifying and attracting the best undergraduate students to our campus.  HAAV members support the admissions office by conducting interviews, participating in recruiting events, and attending admitted student receptions.  We are looking for recent Krieger and Whiting graduates who are interested in participating and sharing their Johns Hopkins experiences. 

Get Involved

HAAV members are involved in a wide range of admissions activities. The flexible nature of the program allows members to participate as their schedules permit. Members have the option to take part in any of the following opportunities:

These one-on-one meetings with prospective students happen primarily in the fall and winter of student's senior year. Alumni interviews help both the Hopkins and the student determine if they are a good fit for each other.

College Fairs
Traditionally held in the fall and sometimes in the spring, college fairs allow prospective students to learn about many different colleges. Alumni attendance at these events increases Hopkins' visibility and prestige across the country. 

These recruiting events in the spring and fall are a wonderful way to build interest in Hopkins among students from all over the country. Alumni can participate as guests or hosts of these events.

If you would like more information or like to join, please contact us at haav@jhu.edu.