How to Migrate from Outlook Exchange to Alumni Office 365

If you are an alum but are currently enrolled as a student at Johns Hopkins or employed by Johns Hopkins, you do not need to take further action. Your JHED will not expire.

  1. After you’re logged into Office 365, click the Options button near the top-right corner. In the drop-down window under Settings, search for "connected accounts." If the webpage that you see does not look like the image below, please exit out of all open web browsers and log in again by going to (***NOTE: For anyone experiencing browser issues not displaying the “options” icon, please click here for additional information.)Office 365
  2. Click the Connected Accounts button.Office 365
  3. Click on the New button that looks like a plus sign to create a new connection and a popup window will appear.Office 365
  4. Enter your email and password for your Outlook Exchange account in the provided fields, using as your template for the email address. Remember, the password is the same as your JHED password, then click Next. Click ok at the “warning” message.
    imagebrowser image
  5. On the new account page, click on the light blue IMAP link.
    imagebrowser image
  6. After clicking the IMAP link, please complete the configuration boxes for the IMAP connection with the requested information. Make sure you enter in both account and server information, then click save. All the information needed can be found in the images below. The Password is your JHED password. The email address should be The User name is WIN\YourJHEDID. The incoming server is
    imagebrowser image

    imagebrowser image

    imagebrowser image
  7. You will be prompted with the first dialog window below – “information”. Please review the message and click ok. Next, click the IMAP connection option on the next window. You should then see a message indicating that your messages are now downloading. If you receive an error, please go back and verify your account and server information.     If you are experiencing an issue with an IMAP connection, please open a problem call to Helpdesk at 410-955-HELP to request IMAP enabled for Migration.
    imagebrowser image
  8. After your Outlook EXCHANGE messages are finished migrating to your new Alumni Office 365 account (Connection status will show ‘OK’), go back to the connected account setting and click the ‘Trash’ icon in the same row as the New button (plus sign) to remove the connection. Your migration is now complete.
  9. Using the self-service Email Alias tool found in the portal, please redirect all registered aliases either from or to Select the Enter Custom Address option to manually add Keep in mind, once your JHED record drops the ability to use this tool, you will no longer be able to manage your aliases. Therefore, it is advisable to redirect all aliases once the migration process has been completed.

View a few troubleshooting tips here.

Having problems with your email migration? Call 410-955-HELP.

Having problems registering for Alumni Services (formerly Johns Hopkins Connect)? Email