Outlook Live to Office 365 Email Migration

Due to changes happening at Microsoft, current Outlook Live users must migrate their email to the Office 365 email system as soon as possible, before their JHED accounts are closed and access to email is lost.

What this means?

After migrating an email from Live@Hopkins to Office 365, there will be two separate accounts:

  1. Office 365 account. This account gives you access to your @jhu.edu email. Johns Hopkins administers this account.
  2. Personal Microsoft account. This personal account will replace Live@Hopkins for all your existing Microsoft services (SkyDrive, Messenger), except email. To Access this account go to https://skydrive.live.com/ using the same user name and password as you use for Live@Hopkins. Note that Johns Hopkins no longer administers this account. As a result, we can’t reset the password for you.

If somesone does not migrate their Live@Hopkins email to Office 365, Microsoft will create a Personal Microsoft account and delete the Live@Hopkins email account. The email account and the emails within it will be lost.

How does someone know if they need to migrate from Outlook Live to Office 365?

Everyone will receive an email notification from the Office of Alumni Relations when they need to migrate their accounts.

Who is eligible to migrate from Outlook Live to Office 365?

Alumni who meet the following criteria are eligible to migrate to Alumni Office 365:
  • Is a current, active Outlook Live user
  • Has an alumni status only – not registered for JHU classes or working for Johns Hopkins 

Everyone will be notified by email when they need to migrate their accounts.

What should be expected?

  • Microsoft Outlook Web App or Microsoft Outlook will still be used to view and send email, but a different website will be used to log in: http://outlook.com/alumni.jh.edu

Before beginning

  • Make sure desktop software is up-to-date with the Office 365 software requirements. Office 365 doesn't support the following software and it will need to be replaced:
    • Internet Explorer 6 or 7. If using Internet Explorer 6 or Internet Explorer 7, a newer version of Internet Explorer will need to be installed.
    • Outlook 2003. If using Outlook to read emails and using Microsoft Office 2003, we recommend that Outlook be updated to Office Outlook 2007 or Outlook 2010. 

How to Migrate 

  1. First, you must have previously registered for Connect.   If you have forgotten your Connect password or if you have never registered for Connect, please follow the instructions on the website for first-time login. This information will be used going forward for the migration.  If your JHED ID is not the same as your Connect ID please contact alumni@jhu.edu before proceeding with the migration.
  2. Go to the Office 365 login page and login with your Connect Alumni credentials, if you do not know your Alumni information go to https://connect.jhu.edu/ and follow the instructions for first time login or forgotten password.
  3. After you’re logged into Office 365, click the Options button near the top-right corner. 
    imagebrowser image
  4. Click the Connected Accounts button.
    imagebrowser image
  5. Click on the New button that looks like a plus sign to create a new connection and a popup window will appear.
    imagebrowser image
  6. Enter your email and password for your Outlook Live account in the provided fields, using yourJHEDID@live.johnshopkins.edu as your template for the Outlook Live address, then click Next.
    imagebrowser image
  7. You will be prompted with the first dialog window below. Click No, then click the IMAP connection option on the next window.
    imagebrowser image

    imagebrowser image
  8. Fill in the boxes for the IMAP connection with the requested information, then click Save. The Password you will use will be your Outlook Live password, which is separate from your JHED and Connect passwords.
    imagebrowser image
  9. If your credentials and server information are entered correctly, you will see a ‘Successful connection’ message. You will then need to log in to your Live@Hopkins account through a different browser by going to outlook.com/live.johnshopkins.edu and find the confirmation email there. Once you have clicked this email, the two accounts are now connected and your Outlook Live mail will begin to show up in your Office 365 mailbox. Please allow up to 24 hours to migrate all of your mail, depending on the number of messages within your mailbox.
  10. After your Outlook Live messages are finished migrating to your new Office 365 account (Connection status will show ‘OK’), repeat steps 2 & 3. Then click the Outlook Live account and click the ‘trash’ icon in the same row as the ad account icon to remove the connection.
  11. Finally, you must change your email alias to point to your new email address. Currently your alias should point to yourJHEDID@live.johnshopkins.edu but after the migration you must change it to your new email: yourJHEDID@alumni.jh.edu. Please call the Office of Alumni Relations to setup a jhu.edu e-mail alias at 410-516-0363 or 800-548-5481 or email alumni@jhu.edu to continue to receive e-mails once your jhu.edu account is deactivated after graduation. Please note: You will need your Alumni ID (an all numeric ID, separate from your JHED ID) to create a new email alias. If you need your alumni ID, email alumni@jhu.edu or call 1-800-548-5481.

For Mobile Devices

  • After your email is migrated you will need to reconfigure any mobile devices that received email from your Live@Hopkins account to now receive email from your new Office 365 Account
  • Activesync:
    • For Activesync you will only need to enter your email address (yourJHEDID@Alumni.jh.edu), and your password for that email address
    • For Android and iPhone you will also need to enter in the server name (m.outlook.com)
    Server name





Having problems with your email migration? Email olmig@jhu.edu.

Having problems registering for Connect? Email alumni@jhu.edu.